Fail0verflow Announces PlayStation VR Hack

PlayStation VR hack
Written by Emma Davis

Members of the well-known hacking team Fail0verflow report that they have succeeded in hacking a PSVR (PlayStation VR) headset, discovering a series of vulnerabilities in it. In the end, they managed to dump all the hardware secret keys and crack the PSVR authentication mechanism.

Let me remind you that we also wrote that New exploit for the PlayStation 4 may be useful for the PS5.

In a detailed article on this hack, Fail0verflow members reveal that they have begun looking into PSVR as a potential entry point for a PS4 or PS5 hack, as console hacking will remain a top priority for the team.

ps5_enthusiast spoke about the problems of PlayStation VR in the team’s blog.

Multiple revisions of the PSVR mainboard exist, however they all carry the same Marvell 88DE3214 SoC and share all key material (or at least, the keys relevant to PSVR). The host console is connected to PSVR mainboard via HDMI and USB, both of which wind up being processed in the Marvell 88DE3214. Under normal operation, an authentication sequence is performed over USB before the console accepts the device as a PSVR. So, the goal was to extract the secrets needed for that authentication and reverse the communication protocol.ps5_enthusiast explained.

He also explains that some of the features available through the PCIe interface made it possible to decrypt and copy the firmware image into readable memory. This resulted in access to all PSVR keys that were stored in the uploaded Trusted Applications.

In addition, the team was able to extract hardware secrets through vulnerabilities in the FIGO (Marvell 88DE3214 Secure Coprocessor SoC).

That being said, Fail0verflow admits that they ultimately did not use the PSVR authentication mechanism as an entry point for further PS4 or PS5 hacking. The group also stressed that the PS5 hack progress made last fall was also unrelated to PSVR research.

PlayStation VR hack

Fail0verflow now gives other enthusiasts the opportunity to use any programmable device as a PSVR headset for the aforementioned consoles and dig further, as this will likely help discover more useful information in the consoles or become an entry point for further privilege escalation.

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