Loop DoS Attack

Researchers have described a new application-layer attack vector based on the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), called Loop DoS. Such attacks can “close” network services in an endless loop, creating large traffic volumes...

Malvertising in Baidu Targeting Chinese Users

Chinese users are faced with malicious search ads. These ads mainly plague Baidu search engine, spreading malware by promoting fake freeware downloading pages. Baidu Malvertising Campaign Spreads Backdoors A fresh report reveals...



Ledger Wallet Stealer

Ledger Wallet Stealer poses as the official Ledger Live tool, designed for managing crypto assets. It is in fact an impostor that only impersonates the genuine tool, trying to take users’ money. Users must promptly remove...

Unwanted Programs

UnixSearch Adware In Chrome

Seeing the redirection to UnixSearch is a sign of infection with browser hijacker virus. Such a malicious program changes your browser in order to earn money on advertising. Hijacker malware that routes your queries to UnixSearch...

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