Windows 11 is incompatible with applications that use non-ASCII registry keys

Windows 11 and ASCII
Written by Emma Davis

Microsoft does not allow upgrading to Windows 11 if the user is using applications that generate registry keys using non-ASCII characters.

The fact is that such applications may not work at all or cause various problems or errors, up to BSOD.

Compatibility issues have been identified between applications that use non-ASCII characters in their registry keys and subkeys, as well as Windows 11.Microsoft said.

Even worse, the company emphasizes that such problematic registry keys will probably not be possible to fix.

The company says similar problems can arise for users of applications such as the Vietnamese browser Cốc Cốc, as well as the Portuguese government application Aplicação Autenticaçã Other applications with “non-standard” symbols are also affected by this bug.

Microsoft has temporarily blocked the option to install Windows 11 on devices with these “problematic” applications, and is urging users not to attempt to manually install Windows 11.

We recommend that you do not attempt to manually upgrade using the Update now button or the Media Creation Tool until this issue has been resolved.Microsoft recommends.

Bleeping Computer notes that Microsoft developers are aware of seven other issues in Windows 11, which are already being addressed. All these bugs, caused by incompatibility of hardware or software, can lead to unstable system operation and various failures.

Reporters write that the list of known issues in Windows 11 currently includes the following bugs:

  1. Windows 10 taskbar is not updated to a new version designed for Windows 11;
  2. the “Start” menu does not open;
  3. AMD processor performance can decline by 15% in some applications;
  4. the message “This computer cannot start Windows 11” is displayed by mistake;
  5. Windows 11 Explorer is using too much memory;
  6. Windows 11 compatibility has issue with Oracle VirtualBox;
  7. Intel Killer and Dell SmartByte applications slow down an Internet connection speed.

Let me remind you that we also wrote that Windows 11 may slow down AMD processors by 15% due to bugs.

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