Windows 11 may slow down AMD processors by 15% due to bugs

Windows 11 and AMD processors
Written by Emma Davis

AMD has warned that Windows 11-compatible processors may experience up to 15% performance drop in certain applications.

AMD and Microsoft are already working on fixing these bugs, and the bugs are expected to be fixed before the end of this month.

The first issue is that L3 cache latency increases by up to three times, which has a negative impact on applications that rely on memory performance. AMD claims that this bug slows down application speeds by up to 10-15%.

The expected performance impact of the OS in the affected applications will be 3-5 percent, and in games typically used for esports, 10-15 percent. MD and Microsoft are actively investigating these known issues for resolution through software updates.AMD officials said.

The second error is related to the fact that UEFI CPPC2 does not direct tasks and threads to the fastest processor core. In this case, the performance degradation is most noticeable in applications that are sensitive to the performance of one or more CPU threads. AMD says this problem may be most noticeable on processors with eight or more cores and a TDP of 65W or higher. Most Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 9 series 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 desktop processors and APUs fall under this definition.

To resolve the second bug, a “software update” will be released rather than a simple Windows update, so users may need to install new chipset drivers or some other software to get the patch.

As a workaround, AMD recommends that its customers continue to use a supported version of Windows 10 until the appropriate updates are released.

Microsoft hasn’t issued a statement yet, but the rollout of Windows 11 is being done in a staggered phase to ensure that bugs can be sorted out before the update reaches all users. So far, the general experience of using Windows 11 has been smooth with barely any app crashes, even for demanding graphics-intensive software and games.the Screenrant edition comments on the issue.

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