Microsoft Support ‘Hacks’ Users Windows Due to Activation Issues

Microsoft support hacks Window
Written by Emma Davis

The media reports that Microsoft support sometimes uses cracks to hack Windows on a client’s machine if there are problems activating a genuine copy of the operating system.

Let me remind you that we also wrote that Microsoft Scans Windows PCs for Outdated Versions of Office, and also that Microsoft Stopped Selling Windows 10 on the Official Website.

Also the media reported Microsoft tech support scammer stole of $3 million.

One such case of OS “activation” was tweeted by South African freelance engineer Wesley Pyburn. His genuine copy of Windows 10, which cost $200 in the Microsoft Store, for some reason was not activated, and Pyburn contacted support.

Microsoft support hacks Window

The first level support specialists could not solve the problem and transferred it “upwards”. The next day, Pyburn was amazed when a second-level Microsoft support engineer logged into his system using Quick Assist and grunted the OS using pirated tools that bypassed the Windows activation process.

Microsoft support hacks Window

Microsoft support hacks Window

On Pyburn PC the support technician ran the PowerShell command: irm https://massgrave[.]dev/get | iex, which connects to (an unofficial repository of Windows and Office activator scripts that go unnoticed by most antivirus products). The Invoke-Expression team, also known as iex, ran the downloaded script.

Microsoft support hacks Window

Hacking Windows is literally easier than paying for it.Pyburn marvels.

To make sure that the Microsoft support specialist had actually run a crack on his machine, Pyburn contacted Massgrave representatives on Discord. They not only answered yes to his question, but also stated that this was not the first time they had heard of Microsoft support doing this.

This is the second time we’ve been told that Microsoft Support is using the [crack]. This is unofficial and illegal.Massgrave said.

Microsoft support hacks Window

Pyburn writes that he still finds it hard to believe that Microsoft’s answer to problems in the activation system is to hack Windows through official support channels.

…AND IT WAS OFFICIAL SUPPORT. The only reason I paid [for Windows] was because I wanted DEFINITELY to avoid rootkits and other malware. And then they [Microsoft] just hacked the OS for me.the user is outraged.

Bleeping Computer reports that it has reached out to Microsoft officials for comment on the situation. The company said it was “strive to provide best-in-class customer support” and the case described “contradicts company policy.”

We are investigating this incident and will take appropriate steps to ensure that proper procedures are in place regarding customer support for our products and services.Microsoft said in a statement.
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