Google Account “Critical security alert”. Is it true or fake?

google critical security alert
Written by Brendan Smith

“Critical security alert” notification became a serious headache for Google account users. This alert appears again and again, regardless of any countermeasures taken. But does this message really alert you about possible security breaches?

Why does Google critical security alert appear?

This message is designed by Google to notify the users when they have some security issues on their accounts. Such cases are insecure password usage, the usage of leaked passwords, missing some of the important security features or something like that. These notices are pretty useful, since not everyone knows about newest security features and any kind of credentials leakage.

critical security alert notification

But not all systems are ideal. Of course, people consider Google as trustworthy, and all messages like “Critical security alerts” are accepted as truth. Users do every step that is described into the guide from Google about securing their accounts, but the message appears again. Various forums1 are full of the messages like that:

critical security alert fake

Google guides2 for solving the critical security alerts offer different ways of solving the problem. Setting up a two-factor authentication, changing the password to a stronger one, logging out of the devices which you are not using – all these steps are really effective in real life. However, when it comes to solving the annoying Google critical security alerts, these steps do nothing.

Is there a way to stop the “Critical security alert” notifications?

As I have mentioned in a previous paragraph, all methods offered by Google are ineffective. Users tried tens of different ways that could avoid this bug appearance, but they were not effective. Some say that relogining into your Google account will help (at least it helped them). Other users reported that logging out of all devices, besides one you are using now, solves the problem. But as practise shows, all these ways have controversial efficiency. So, in fact, there is no versatile solution – try each of the offered, but there is no guarantee that it will work.

google critical security alert devices

Sometimes, the critical security alert may appear as a reaction to the use of third-party programs. A lot of programs apply the Google account as a login method. However, not all of these apps can provide satisfying protection rates. Hence, the security alerts you spectate is possibly a signal that one of those programs is unsecure. But it is still a trouble to discover which one.

Google has already claimed that they know about that issue, and are going to solve it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, these claims are not backed by any serious proof – only several posts on social networks from Google developers. Nonetheless, the company rarely misses such serious bugs without attention. At least, it will publish a more detailed guide which will likely help you to forget about those messages.

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Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith
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Google Account "Critical security alert". Is it true or fake?
Google Account "Critical security alert". Is it true or fake?
“Critical security alert” notification became a serious headache for Google account users. Why does Google critical security alert appear?

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