Microsoft Edge 88 will receive several new security features

Microsoft Edge 88
Written by Emma Davis

As early as January 2021, Microsoft plans to add several new features to Microsoft Edge 88, namely: password leak warning, vertical tab navigation, password generator.

These features will appear in the Chromium 88-based version of Microsoft Edge 88 and are already available in Microsoft Edge Beta.

The new Password Monitor in Microsoft Edge 88 will notify users, if they are in sync with a Microsoft account, when it detects password usage from the password leak database.

Password Monitor only works with a Microsoft account, so you need to use Microsoft account password sync to enable this feature. Once you do this, the next time your password is found in the password leak database, you will start receiving real-time notifications.

The browser will constantly check the information in databases about declassified logins and passwords. Constant monitoring of passwords will allow users to receive information in case of detection of activity by cyber fraudsters. Following this, device owners will receive advice on how to change sensitive data in order to maintain a high level of security. Passwords in this case must be synchronized with your Microsoft account.said company representatives.

Also, starting with Microsoft Edge 88, the Password Generator feature will appear in the browser. Microsoft Edge will offer strong passwords, and if you choose to use them, they will be saved and automatically entered in the appropriate fields next time.

In addition to updating the password manager, Microsoft is working to improve the flood protection feature. In a commit, Microsoft employee Eric Lawrence noted that Chromium’s built-in flood protection may incorrectly block user access to external handler URLs.

This security measure prevents malicious web content from flooding the user with hints. Unfortunately, user gestures are recorded only for interactions in the web content area, and therefore protection can block attempts to launch protocol handlers from bookmarks or omnibox.Eric Lawrence said.

The final release of Microsoft Edge, version 88, is expected in January. In addition to the listed features, it is also expected to improve support for reading PDF files and improve performance.

Let me also remind you that Microsoft will force opening some sites in Edge instead of Internet Explorer.

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