How to Delete PayPal Account: Guide for Users

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PayPal is the largest electronic payment system. It allows you to pay bills both inside and outside your country. You can add one or more of your bank cards to this system. Through PayPal, you can make transfers abroad, transfer any amount of money, and withdraw money from the PayPal account of the card tied to your account.

But in any payment system, there are pros and cons. Here everyone chooses what is convenient for him. If you were a PayPal user, but something prompted you to think about changing the payment system for use, then this article is for you. Below we’ll tell you how to delete your PayPal account.

Whatever social network or application you use, use only strong passwords that cannot be hacked1.

How to Close Your PayPal Account

The process of deleting the account is simple and will only take a few minutes. But before you do, you should have collected your balance and closed any outstanding issues with your account. Deleting a personal account and a business account is slightly different. See below:

How Do I Delete My Paypal Account

Follow the step-by-step instructions to close your PayPal account:

  1. On your computer or laptop enter your PayPal account
  2. At the top-right on the screen tap the Settings icon next to Log out
  3. Click Close Account under «Account Options».
  4. If required, enter your bank account number.
  5. Click Close Account.
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How to Close Your PayPal Business Account

If you want to switch from a business account to a personal account you should contact support. Next, do the following:

  1. Sign in to your PayPal account on a web browser on a personal laptop or computer
  2. To the top right of your screen (next to the Log Out option) tap the Profile button
  3. Tap the Profile and Settings button
  4. Tap on Account Settings
  5. At the right of the Account, Type line tap the Close Account button

Why You Might Want to Close Your PayPal Account

A PayPal account does not harm you if you have not used it for a long time. Perhaps you should deactivate it to avoid identity theft. In any case, why keep your personal data on the Internet if you do not use this payment system. Deleting an account reduces the risk of your personal data being hacked.

👉 Compromised Account

For security reasons, many delete their accounts. Business accounts move into personal accounts probably because they no longer trade. Some are moving to alternative payment systems.

👉 Different Email

For some reason, a person can change their email, it’s either because of a new name or something. So then you should create a new account for a new email, and the old account should be deleted.

IMPORTANT: Data protection2 includes any measures we take to protect data, whether it is stored on a remote server or on our own computer’s hard drive.

Pay Attention To Some Points If You Close A PayPal Account

Deleting an account will not give you more access to your account. The entire history of cash transactions, purchased coupons, and redemption codes will disappear. but you can still create a PayPal account with the same email. But as we mentioned earlier, you will not have access to remote information.

👉 Everything Will Be Permanently Deleted

After you delete your account, all information will disappear. Should you think about it in advance and save yourself a transaction history and other PayPal information? which will no longer be available to you. You can make a transaction screenshot.If you make a new account with the same email, access to old information will not be.

👉 You Must Resolve All Account Issues

Before deleting, pay attention to your unresolved problems. Pay all outstanding balances, and outstanding requests, and resolve all issues with support.

👉 Make Sure to Withdraw Your Balance

Clear your balance sheet. You can withdraw the amount you have left on your PayPal account or send it to another bank account or request a check at PayPal for a small fee .

Reminder: When an account is deleted, it cannot be deactivated. In the case of PayPal, deactivation does not work.

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How to Delete PayPal Account: Guide for Users
How to Delete PayPal Account: Guide for Users
How Do I Delete My Paypal Account. Why You Might Want to Close Your PayPal Account. Pay Attention To Some Points If You Close PayPal Account

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