Can’t locate the Superfetch Service on Windows 10? Look for SysMain instead!

Superfetch service is not displayed
Written by Brendan Smith

In the latest builds of Windows 10, the Superfetch service is not displayed. How to find it?

The world wide web today is full of valid instructions that mention the importance of disabling the Superfetch Service in cases when the Windows operating system is installed on an SSD.

We recently received a support ticket from one of our regular customers who mentioned that he wanted to disable the Superfetch Service, but he could not locate it in the available services list.

Brendan Smith
Brendan Smith
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So, why is it no longer visible on Windows 10?

The answer to this question is simple. Microsoft decided to modify the Display Name from Superfetch to SysMain in its latest Windows builds. This service can be disabled at any time, especially when you are totally confident that it is the reason for the high CPU usage in your device.

Therefore, locate SysMain, perform a double-click on it, choose “Disable” and finally click “OK”.

Superfetch service is not displayed. How to find it?

How to disable Sysmain (former Superfetch) in Windows 10 Sevices

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