Energy company Enel Group suffered from the Netwalker ransomware attack

Enel Group suffered from Netwalker
Written by Emma Davis

The Italian energy company Enel Group, which produces and distributes electricity and gas, was hacked for the second time in a year. But this time Enel Group suffered from the Netwalker ransomware.

Enel is one of the largest players in the European energy sector, serving over 61 million customers in 40 countries. As for August 10, 2020, the company is ranked 87th in the Fortune Global 500 rating, with nearly $90 billion in revenue in 2019.

The first incident took place this summer. Then Enel Group became a victim of the Snake ransomware (aka EKANS), but the company’s specialists noticed the attack before the malware could spread and cause serious damage.

Now the Bleeping Computer publication, with reference to an unnamed information security specialist, reports that last week Enel Group became a victim of the Netwalker ransomware: the journalists had an extortionate note from hackers.

Enel Group suffered from Netwalker
The text contains the address http://prnt[.]sc/, which showed the data stolen by the hackers during the attack. From the names of the employees in the folders, it was possible to establish that the attack was directed at the Enel Group.

A week ago, the publication tried to contact representatives of the company, but did not receive any response from Enel Group. But a few days ago, the Netwalker operators themselves indirectly confirmed that they had really attacked the company, as a message appeared in the hackers’ chat: “Hello, Enel. Don’t be afraid to write to us.”

Usually, if the company does not contact the blackmailers, after a while the ransom amount doubles, and the hackers begin to leak the victim’s data. This seems to be exactly what happened in the case of the Enel Group.wrote Bleeping Computer journalists.

The fact is that the attackers are already threatening to publish data and are posting screenshots with the stolen information on their website, and demand the ransom has already reached $ 14,000,000 (1234.02380000 BTC).

According to information from Netwalker operators, they stole about 5 terabytes of data from Enel Group and are ready to disclose some of these files within a week. They also insist that they will “study every single file for interesting things” and publish it all on their website.

We recently reported that hack group Maze has published over 70 GB of data stolen from LG and Xerox.

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