Cybercriminals are leaking data from the hacked Embraer company

Cybercriminals leaking Embraer data
Written by Emma Davis

At the late November the aircraft manufacturer Embraer, the third largest in the world after Boeing and Airbus, fell victim to a hacker attack. Now arrive reports that cybercriminals are already leaking Embraer data into the network.

The attack was discovered on November 25, 2020, and as a result of the incident, access to the company’s unified system environment was lost. The incident affected Embraer’s internal systems, many of which were temporarily out of service, which ultimately affected some of the company’s operations.

According to the company’s official statement, the attack resulted in a potential data breach. About the incident was officially reported five days after the attack, as initially Embraer confirmed information to the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission, as required by the country’s legislation.

The incident was an attack by an unnamed ransomware, and the specialists had to shut down a significant part of the servers in order to stop the spread of malware and isolate the threat.reported the Brazilian newspaper Globo.

The company is currently investigating the incident and restoring the damaged systems. Any additional information about the incident is not disclosed until the completion of the investigation.

However, the ZDNet information security web project reported some changes in the situation.

Now the hackers attacking the company have started leaking stolen confidential files. Apparently, the attackers are unhappy with the fact that the aircraft manufacturer refused to negotiate a ransom with them and decided to restore data from backups.reports the ZDNet publication.

As it turned out, the responsibility for the incident lies with the operators of the ransomware RansomExx (aka Defray777). The data that the hackers have posted on their website includes employee details, business contracts, flight simulator photos, and source codes.

Cybercriminals leaking Embraer data
Embraer representatives have not yet commented on the leak. Previously, the company also did not confirm or deny the fact that the systems suffered precisely from the ransomware attack.

However, according to ZDNet, this leak confirms that the attackers had access to Embraer’s internal data and networks.

Therefore, RansomExx gang has joined a long list of ransomware gangs that run leak sites. Ransomware operators use leak sites to put pressure on victims. During the negotiations, companies are told that if they do not pay the desired ransom by an attacker, the attackers will transfer data online as punishment, and competitors would be able to download the, download, or that companies would face regulatory penalties in their countries.

For example, we talked about the fact that operators of the Egregor ransomware “leaked” data stolen from Ubisoft and Crytek into the network.

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