9anime website. Is it safe to use for watching anime?

9anime[.]to website. Is it safe to use for watching anime?
9anime[.]to, 9anime website
Written by Wilbur Woodham

9anime is a web page that is initially known as a page with anime cartoons. Initially, it was considered as a normal site. However, the legitimacy of a regular site is warped with numerous malicious advertisements placed all over the web page.

What is 9anime site?

9anime, exactly, 9anime.to, along with its several mirror websites on .vs, .se and .tube domains, is known as a website with anime cartoons. Most likely, these pages do not get the content in a legal way, and the cartoons they publish were pirated. At least this thing makes 9anime unpleasant to use1. However, it is understandable why those sites are so widespread and popular. The Japanese language is not easy to understand, and dubbing is often done by fans. People who like that animation style and want to see the latest anime titles just get on this site without even a clue that it is malicious.

9anime website

But why exactly is the 9anime malicious? Because of the malicious banners and links it contains. It seems that the administration of this page tries to monetize their web page in that way. And it is quite understandable – dubbing actors want to have dinner, and hosting will not pay for itself. But there are tons of other ways to earn money with a website – legal advertising, donations, or even subscriptions.

Is the 9anime site dangerous?

Rather yes than no. Sure, it will not infect your computer as soon as you open it, as exploit websites do. But it is still not a pleasant thing – understanding that you can get malware on your PC after a random click. Even if there is no direct risk, you will not be pleased with constant redirects to scam pages that offer you to install browser plugins, or to get “the most effective system optimizer”.

Malware 9anime

The example of a fake offer from 9anime site

And more danger appears when you start downloading the videos from that page. The infamous multiple “download” buttons say clearly how this site works. Don’t be surprised if you will see the offer to install a special player for the anime you have downloaded, and then receive tons of ads – that’s how adware works. This or another way, we don’t recommend you to use 9anime site.

Here are the details for the 9anime site:
Site9anime[.]to, 9anime[.]vs, 9anime[.]se, 9anime[.]tube
HostingAS13335 Cloudflare, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
Hazard typeMalvertisements, redirects, false claims
IP Address104.21.233.142
Similar behaviorSavefrom.net, M, Startprogressivehighlythefile
Fix Tool
To remove possible virus infections, try to scan your PC

The danger of malvertising

Malvertising is dangerous for the web browser, the network, and your computer. Once again, people who work on malicious web pages do not care much about the risk that they are placing for the user. They are not betting on the quality of their web site, and the whole thing they are doing is gambling. If they make a site that is attractive and has lots of money, people will visit it. They won’t care about the content, about the resources used by the server, about the harm they do to their own and to the users’ computers.

Malvertising example

Example of malvertising

Malvertising happens because of a few features of the web browsers – dynamic ad insertion, cookies, JavaScript, and regular scripts. All these features help the adverts spread throughout the web, increasing the chances of you being infected. Luckily, disabling them does not take much time and effort. Just several clicks – and you will have much fewer risks, because your web browser will not display the content that carries the virus. Also, don’t forget to update your web browser regularly – that makes it more secure either.

What should I do?

As it was proved above, just don’t use this website. However, it is sometimes hard to understand if the site is malevolent, and contains nasty stuff like 9anime does. To be sure that the website you visit will not expose you to malware, it is recommended to use anti-malware software with an internet security feature. GridinSoft Anti-Malware is one that can provide you with this sort of protection.

This security tool is perfect at stopping the flexible and rapidly-changing malware. Malicious websites are a piece of cake for GridinSoft Anti-Malware, so you can just forget about any worries on your internet safety. You can try how it works during a 6-day free trial – get the trial key, turn on the Internet Security feature – and you are good to go.

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  1. The copyright law forbids the illegal copying and publishing the materials which are the subject of copyright law.
9anime website. Is it safe to use for watching anime?
9anime website. Is it safe to use for watching anime?
9anime is a website that offers you to watch different anime titles. It is considered to be unsafe because of the advertisements and redirects.

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