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Is safe?
Written by Wilbur Woodham
Sexy eGirls website is a popular adult site. Its contents are pretty usual for pages of such type, but some parts of its behavior raise suspicion on its benevolence. Visiting that website may be associated with privacy and malware risks.

Two vendors from VirusTotal site mark that website malicious. Is Sexy eGirls safe, what threats are there, and how to avoid them – that’s the topic of the current article.

What is Sexy eGirls?

Sexy eGirls ( is a website that offers a streaming service, dating app, forum, social network, and, naturally, a porn site. Communicating on this portal has an erotic nature. Sexy E-girls are associates with similar sites, such as,,,, and The site offers sections with the content of these pages, but different people develop them.
The site is famous as a place with leaked content from websites like OnlyFans. Its forum is very much valued in certain circles. However, certain users complain about the malicious behavior of this site. Let’s clarify these things and explain where is Sexy-EGirls problem.

What are the threats?

There is an understandable complication in web advertising, especially for the owners of adult-targeted industries. On the one hand, these spheres are the areas of police’s attention, and on the other hand, they are near the realms where the law is impotent. Let’s presume there is a socializing web platform. Let’s imagine it is very And, of course, this site won’t promote cat food or dishwashing liquid. It will advertise something as kinky as itself, or even more. Of course, it is hard to check every corner of the websites you advertise, even more so if they are all connected to the sex industry.

Sexy eGirls Homepage

This is the homepage of the Sexy E-girls portal.

That’s why malvertising on is plausible. Not on behalf of the debated website itself but originating from its commercial partners, who cast shade onto the portal’s reputation. Malvertising is a phenomenon within legal and trustworthy ad networks, exploiting a host owner’s physical impossibility to check every processed banner. Adware is the first thing users usually catch if they become the victims of malvertising.

What is the real danger on Sexy eGirls (

As you have probably already understood, Sexy eGirls isn’t inherently malicious, but advertisements that you can encounter on this website can carry a threat. Here are two dubious things that verily happen on

  • Sexy E Girls is not above aggressive redirecting to partner websites. As you browse across, it will open its partner sites in a separate tab as you access one or another section of the portal.
  • Some of the websites associated with are considered at least unsafe. Your browser will most likely refuse to open at least one of them – If you want to know, how to turn off browser security, consider reading our article on disabling safe browsing in Google Chrome.
Sexy eGirls Forum

Sexy eGirls is well known in certain circles for its forum.

And one more thing: you cannot feel safe in advance about what unknown users on forums and image boards share. Since Sexy eGirls is by and large that particular thing, it is no wonder that some Trojan shared by a forum bad guy triggered the blocking of the whole portal by some security systems.

How to protect yourself?

Three golden rules will make your web surfing safe and pleasant.

  1. Know what you are after and stay vigilant. Even on an adult website, you can still be sober enough not to click the banners indiscriminately. Be especially wary of ads that lead you from one adult site to another.
  2. Have decent security software. The market is vast, and you may want to conduct your own research, but your result will likely match our suggestion. We advise users to take a closer look at GridinSoft Anti-Malware, an efficient and versatile solution that is, by the way, economically highly beneficial. We have published a review of this program.
  3. Don’t open unexpected links and emails! Messages from other people can be a scam, accounts of your friends can be hacked! It’s time we all knew that. Lawful people don’t think like scammers, and that’s why they can be very naïve and ignorant of the menace digital criminals constitute. Be wise like snakes!
Wilbur Woodham
Wilbur Woodham
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Is Sexy eGirls ( safe?
Is Sexy eGirls ( safe?
At least two security software vendors presented on virustotal consider the website malicious. What threats are there and how to avoid Sexy eGirls – that’s the topic of the current article.

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