Is MoviesJoy Safe? Reasons It Might Not Be

Is MoviesJoy Safe?
Is MoviesJoy Safe?
Written by Wilbur Woodham

MoviesJoy is a free movie streaming service, one among many popular ones available on the Internet. It allows users to watch the latest movie titles without any direct payment. However, it is important to note that this practice is illegal and goes against copyright law. Moreover, there are additional concerns regarding how MoviesJoy monetizes user engagement, which can lead to the installation of malware on your PC. Let me provide you with a detailed explanation of why the MoviesJoy site poses potential dangers.

What is the MoviesJoy Site?

The MoviesJoy website, hosted at, provides visitors with the opportunity to stream popular movies for free. However, it is common to encounter movies with poor image quality, subpar voice acting, or both. In some cases, you may come across “camrips,” which are unauthorized recordings made in cinemas using pocket cameras. Watching such content is not only unpleasant but also clearly illegal, as it infringes upon copyright laws. While it can be challenging to identify and penalize individuals who use such resources, website owners are more easily traceable and susceptible to imprisonment. Therefore, they often seek to maximize their profits through various means.

MoviesJoy website

The main page of MoviesJoy page

Herein lies the main issue with these websites. Since their activities are illegal, traditional methods of monetization such as subscriptions are not viable. As a result, they turn to advertisements as a means of generating revenue. The origin of these ads can vary greatly, ranging from legitimate and benign ad services to “gray” or outright malicious sources. You may encounter banners that tempt you with offers like purchasing a new iPhone for just $49 or participating in a generous giveaway from a new shop on However, things can take an even more sinister turn.

MoviesJoy .to Site and Redirects to Malicious Pages

In addition to the integrated advertising, the MoviesJoy site may occasionally redirect users to a “sponsor page” – a site that has paid for promotional purposes. The fact that a site triggers the opening of another site should raise suspicion. This type of promotion is deemed dangerous by numerous cybersecurity vendors as it can lead to drive-by downloads or other malicious activities associated with redirection to unknown sites. Specifically, the site is known for redirecting users to fake giveaway pages and support scams.

Fake giveaways are an old-but-gold phishing technique that aims to gather personal details, including sensitive payment information. While the allure of receiving a $1000 Amazon gift card may be tempting, if something seems too good to be true, it likely is. These scams may take on various disguises, but the outcome remains consistent – your personal information will be stolen and used for nefarious purposes.

$1000 Amazon GiftCard

$1000 Amazon GiftCard scam is an example of the Movesjoy redirection

Tech support scams pose an even greater threat as they can result in malware installation. These deceptive websites aim to frighten users by claiming that their PC is infected with a virus. To resolve the issue, they offer a seemingly genuine Microsoft tech support service, providing a phone number for contact. However, once you dial the specified number, you will receive dubious instructions, such as installing third-party software or granting the “experts” remote access to your PC. Following these manipulations, you are likely to end up with malware or rogue software on your system, and your data may be stolen – or worse, both may occur simultaneously.

Microsoft Tech Support Scam

Microsoft Tech Support Scam

Is the MoviesJoy Site Dangerous?

As mentioned earlier, watching pirated movies on MoviesJoy is illegal and can result in legal consequences. However, the more significant and plausible danger lies in the websites to which redirects users. These sites can exploit malware to generate profit at your expense. Rogue software may deceive you into paying for nonexistent problems. While using MoviesJoy itself does not guarantee encountering such problems, it is difficult to predict the intentions of site administrators. It is highly recommended to steer clear of this site and similar ones.

For those who have visited MoviesJoy or followed the advice on a redirect site, it is strongly advised to scan your device with anti-malware software. This precaution is especially crucial as visiting such sites already raises security concerns. To safeguard your privacy and avoid potential PC issues in the future, it is best to conduct a thorough checkup. GridinSoft Anti-Malware is highly recommended for this purpose. It features an effective scanning mechanism and offers a free trial 1.

Removing viruses with GridinSoft Anti-Malware

  • Download and install GridinSoft Anti-Malware. After the installation, you will be offered to perform the Standard Scan. Approve this action.
  • Gridinsoft Anti-Malware during the scan process for MoviesJoy Ads

  • Standard scan checks the logical disk where the system files are stored, together with the files of programs you have already installed. The scan lasts up to 6 minutes.
  • GridinSoft Anti-Malware scan results with MoviesJoy Ads

  • When the scan is over, you may choose the action for each detected virus. For all malware, the default option is “Delete”. Press “Apply” to finish the malware removal.
  • GridinSoft Anti-Malware - After MoviesJoy Cleaning
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