Is Gogoanime Safe and Legal To Watch Anime?

Is Gogoanime Safe and Legal To Watch Anime?
Written by Wilbur Woodham

Gogoanime is a website that offers its visitors to watch anime for free. This site has 100% pirated content, which they have never purchased or obtained in a legal way. Aside from that, that website has very fishy ways of monetisation, that may harm its uses. In this post, we will figure out if gogoanime is safe, and how to protect yourself.

Is safe?

Gogoanime website ( is an anime streaming service that offers anyone to watch cartoons of that genre. It features a lot of content, even the latest titles – but never says where it has got them. Same as any other content, anime falls under copyright law – no one can copy it without permission. This site, exactly, copies those titles and shows them for free – or one may say, under shareware conditions. That’s no direct way it can get a payback for the content if they show them on a legal basis.

Gogoanime main page

Main page of the Gogoanime website

Still, legal actions for having a deal with pirated content are a threat rather for site maintainers. It is pretty hard to track if a person uses such a source of content. Meanwhile, renting a hosting space and purchasing the domain means exposing personal information. Sure, it is possible to do all bureaucratic procedures using fake names or nicknames – but if so, is that site worth credulity? Having your person concealed makes a great temptation to earn money in an illegal way. And gogoanime administrators seem to understand that.

Is dangerous?

The key danger of Gogoanime hides in the ways it earns money for its existence – advertising. Originally, it is not threatening in any way, when only benevolent ads are shown. However, non-targeted advertising rarely brings a lot of money. So, the owners practice applying way less trustworthy offers. Besides the banners that simply promote some fishy deals or clickbait content, there are redirects to other pages – and they are considered the point of concern by a great number of cybersecurity experts.

In particular, the Gogoanime site may redirect you to a fake giveaway page – a primitive, but still effective phishing method. These giveaways will never give you any real benefits they promise – instead collecting your personal information. Sometimes, such pages also ask for a small fee “ to cover the delivery expenses”. And you should pray that the billing page at that moment was not spoofed in any way.

Microsoft tech support scam

Microsoft tech support scam page

However, giveaways are not the sole threat to worry about. Scam support pages are the other endpoint of a redirect from Such pages are trying to scare their visitors by telling them they have an awful virus on their PC. The only way to solve this problem, as the site assures, is to call support by the number that is present on the page. After contacting the crooks, you will get the instructions to download a strange third-party program, or to give them remote access to your PC. Both things usually end badly for you and your privacy.

How to stay safe?

An essential advice for online safety is to avoid questionable sites. Not only – online forums and pages that feature too many advertisements also are a security concern. Visiting them once with all precautions taken is OK, but opening them regularly increases the danger with each minute you spend there. If you have once interacted with the ads or redirect pages from the Gogoanime site, it is recommended to check up your PC with GridinSoft Anti-Malware. It will perfectly fit those needs – as an effective solution that features a free trial period.

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  • Gridinsoft Anti-Malware during the scan process

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