I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You – Email Scam

I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You - Email
I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You - Email
Written by Daniel Zimmerman
What kind of scam is “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You”? Upon analyzing this email, we have determined that “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” is a sextortion scam that threatens to disclose videos of recipients visiting adult websites and their personal information.

The scam email titled “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” employs a tactic to deceive you into believing that malware has infected your computer or phone. It then proceeds to threaten to publicly expose your personal data1. Contrary to the claims made in the email, your devices have not been hacked (or at least, that’s not the cause of this email). Instead, it is a scam designed to manipulate you into sending Bitcoins to these scammers. This variation of the scam is commonly known as “sextortion.”

"I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You" Email

“I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” Email

Further details about the “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” sextortion scam.

The email alleges that unauthorized access has been gained to your computer, monitoring your internet activities. It states that your email account has been compromised. Additionally, it claims that a Trojan has infected your operating system, granting access to your webcam, microphone, social network accounts, messengers, contact lists, downloaded photos, web browsing history, and other personal data.

The objective of this email is to deceive recipients into believing that compromising videos have been recorded and will be exposed unless a payment of $1490 in Bitcoins is made to the provided BTC wallet. The email urges recipients to pay the ransom within 48 hours of receiving the message.

It is important to note that this email appears to be sent from the recipient’s own address. The scammers behind this scam utilize a spoofing technique2 to deceive unsuspecting recipients into thinking that their email account has been hacked.

Name I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You Email Scam
Threat Type Phishing, Scam, Social Engineering, Fraud
Fake Claim The scammers claim to have gained access to a computer and obtained sensitive material.
Cyber Criminal Cryptowallet Address 1r8KDQsoFUWLdV1D2L1vc66YibNDrrYys, bc1quv2l07cec2pluq6qgpv95fu990mjlm7ljqksky, 16bHkVFULVmxTGVi2XKpwzkt5KrRnThzPg, 1DnDfzKAjTYWcn6nCVfkXLh5RRaGBUZ7nE, 1EhjD4hzLpwuHVu52ScHTJASqPdkC6SD4, 1P5vLEEuGawo33WLs3pVdxTuyjqt7Ymf9C, bc1qrvdjenydph4da62uylmr77yhxx6vsaaps04hcq, 1GS1SRz3QBC1NUeuhu8EWkx37qQXanUxGG
Symptoms Unapproved online purchases, modified online account passwords, identity theft, illegal access to the computer.
Distribution methods Deceptive emails, rogue online pop-up ads, search engine poisoning techniques, misspelled domains.
Damage Exposure of sensitive private information, financial loss, identity theft.
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How to prevent malware installation?

Exercise caution when dealing with irrelevant emails originating from unknown or suspicious addresses (including emails seemingly sent from your own address). Refrain from opening files or clicking on links contained in such emails, as they may be malicious. To download applications and files, rely on official websites and stores while avoiding other untrusted sources.

Maintain up-to-date operating systems and installed programs. Utilize the official functions and tools provided by software developers to update and activate installed software.

If you have already opened malicious attachments, we recommend running a scan with Gridinsoft Anti-Malware to automatically remove any infiltrated malware.

Below is the text presented in the “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” email:

Don’t miss your unsettled payment. Complete your debt payment now.

Hi there!

I regret to inform you about some sad news for you.
Approximately a month or two ago I have succeeded to gain a total access to all your devices utilized for browsing internet.
Moving forward, I have started observing your internet activities on continuous basis.

Go ahead and take a look at the sequence of events provided below for your reference:
Initially I bought an exclusive access from hackers to a long list of email accounts (in today's world, that is really a common thing, which can arranged via internet).
Evidently, it wasn't hard for me to proceed with logging in your email account (-).

Within the same week, I moved on with installing a Trojan virus in Operating Systems for all devices that you use to login to email.
Frankly speaking, it wasn't a challenging task for me at all (since you were kind enough to click some of the links in your inbox emails before).
Yeah, geniuses are among us.

Because of this Trojan I am able to gain access to entire set of controllers in devices (e.g., your video camera, keyboard, microphone and others).
As result, I effortlessly downloaded all data, as well as photos, web browsing history and other types of data to my servers.
Moreover, I have access to all social networks accounts that you regularly use, including emails, including chat history, messengers, contacts list etc.
My unique virus is incessantly refreshing its signatures (due to control by a driver), and hence remains undetected by any type of antiviruses.

Hence, I guess by now you can already see the reason why I always remained undetected until this very letter...

During the process of compilation of all the materials associated with you,
I also noticed that you are a huge supporter and regular user of websites hosting nasty adult content.
Turns out to be, you really love visiting porn websites, as well as watching exciting videos and enduring unforgettable pleasures.
As a matter of fact, I was not able to withstand the temptation, but to record certain nasty solo action with you in main role,
and later produced a few videos exposing your masturbation and cumming scenes.

If until now you don't believe me, all I need is one-two mouse clicks to make all those videos with everyone you know,
including your friends, colleagues, relatives and others.
Moreover, I am able to upload all that video content online for everyone to see.
I sincerely think, you certainly would not wish such incidents to take place, in view of the lustful things demonstrated in your commonly watched videos,
(you absolutely know what I mean by that) it will cause a huge adversity for you.

There is still a solution to this matter, and here is what you need to do:
You make a transaction of $1490 USD to my account (an equivalent in bitcoins, which recorded depending on the exchange rate at the date of funds transfer),
hence upon receiving the transfer, I will immediately get rid of all those lustful videos without delay.
After that we can make it look like there was nothing happening beforehand.
Additionally, I can confirm that all the Trojan software is going to be disabled and erased from all devices that you use. You have nothing to worry about,
because I keep my word at all times.

That is indeed a beneficial bargain that comes with a relatively reduced price,
taking into consideration that your profile and traffic were under close monitoring during a long time frame.
If you are still unclear regarding how to buy and perform transactions with bitcoins - everything is available online.

Below is my bitcoin wallet for your further reference: 1r8KDQsoFUWLdV1D2L1vc66YibNDrrYys

All you have is 48 hours and the countdown begins once this email is opened (in other words 2 days).

The following list includes things you should remember and avoid doing:
> There's no point to try replying my email (since this email and return address were created inside your inbox).
> There's no point in calling police or any other types of security services either. Furthermore, don't you dare sharing this info with any of your friends.
 If I discover that (taking into consideration my skills, it will be really simple, because I control all your systems and continuously monitor them) -
 your nasty clip will be shared with public straight away.
> There's no point in looking for me too - it won't result in any success. Transactions with cryptocurrency are completely anonymous and untraceable.
> There's no point in reinstalling your OS on devices or trying to throw them away. That won't solve the issue,
 since all clips with you as main character are already uploaded on remote servers.

Things that may be concerning you:
> That funds transfer won't be delivered to me.
 Breathe out, I can track down everything right away, so once funds transfer is finished,
 I will know for sure, since I interminably track down all activities done by you (my Trojan virus controls all processes remotely, just as TeamViewer).
> That your videos will be distributed, even though you have completed money transfer to my wallet.
Trust me, it is worthless for me to still bother you after money transfer is successful. Moreover, if that was ever part of my plan, I would do make it happen way earlier!

We are going to approach and deal with it in a clear manner!

In conclusion, I'd like to recommend one more thing... after this you need to make certain you don't get involved in similar kind of unpleasant events anymore!
My recommendation - ensure all your passwords are replaced with new ones on a regular basis.

Verify if your device is infected with malware

The email titled “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” might contain malware embedded in its attachments or links found within the email content. Interacting with this malware, such as opening or downloading a malicious attachment, can lead to inadvertent infection of your device or network. Consequently, attackers can gain unauthorized access to protected applications and data.

To ensure your computer or phone is free from Trojans, browser hijackers, or other malware, you can perform a complimentary scan using Gridinsoft Anti-Malware.

Daniel Zimmerman
Daniel Zimmerman
IT Security Expert
It is better to prevent, than repair and repent!
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” email scam?

The “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” email scam is a deceptive scheme where scammers send fraudulent emails claiming to have compromising information about the recipient. They attempt to extort money by threatening to expose personal data or intimate videos unless a ransom is paid in Bitcoin.

How does the “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” scam work?

The scammers behind this email scam send deceptive messages stating that they have gained access to the recipient’s computer or phone and obtained sensitive material. They claim that the device is infected with malware, including a Trojan, and threaten to disclose personal information unless a specified amount of Bitcoin is paid within a given timeframe.

What should I do if I receive the “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” scam email?

If you receive this email, it is essential to recognize it as a scam and not panic. Do not respond to the email or engage with the scammers. Avoid clicking on any attachments or links provided in the email, as they may contain malware. Report the scam to your email provider and consider marking it as spam.

How can I protect myself from email scams like “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You”?

To protect yourself from email scams, follow these measures:

  • Be cautious of emails from unknown or suspicious senders.
  • Avoid opening attachments or clicking on links in unsolicited emails.
  • Use official websites and app stores to download applications and files.
  • Keep your operating system and installed software up to date.
  • Use reliable antivirus and anti-malware software to scan your device regularly.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for your email and online accounts.

What should I do if I have already fallen victim to the “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” scam?

A: If you have become a victim of this scam and have paid the ransom, it is crucial to take immediate action:

  • Disconnect your device from the internet.
  • Change your passwords for all online accounts.
  • Scan your device using reputable anti-malware software to remove any potential malware.
  • Monitor your financial accounts and report any unauthorized activity to your bank.
  • Consider reporting the incident to your local law enforcement agency.

Are there any legitimate instances where someone would send such an email?

In general, it is highly unlikely that someone would send an email like “I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You” to disclose personal information or make extortion demands. Be skeptical of any email making such claims and verify the legitimacy of the sender through other trusted channels if necessary.
What is "I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You"?

Name: I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You

Description: "I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You" is the title or subject line of an email scam. It is a deceptive scheme where scammers send fraudulent emails to unsuspecting individuals, claiming to have obtained compromising information about them. The email typically alleges that the recipient's computer or phone has been hacked and infected with malware, and it threatens to make personal data or intimate videos public unless a ransom is paid in Bitcoin. However, it is important to note that "I Regret To Inform You About Some Sad News For You" is not a legitimate notification but a tactic used by scammers to instill fear and extort money from their targets. It is crucial to recognize this scam and refrain from engaging or complying with the scammers' demands.

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Scam

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