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Written by Brendan Smith
This article intends to assist you in remove Restoro potentially unwanted program for free. Our guide also shows you why this tool not solved PC problems at all.
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What is Restoro?

Restoro by Restoro can be correctly summarized as a Unwanted Application.

Restoro is a unwanted program, likewise reduced as a PUP or PUA. Its creators declare that the app checks system for viruses finds solutions to Boost System Efficiency, discloses System Software Related problems, and optimizes Startup/Uninstall as well as User Items. As quickly as the scanning by Restoro is finished, a detailed report is provided concerning the number of exposed issues. Nevertheless, the application says that the licensed version requires to be acquired in order to get the problems resolved. I feel that many problems recognized by this tool are just developed and do not stand for any problems at all.

On their site, Restoro developers are offering to perform a quick scan, promising that their program will show you the problems your PC have. Once again : it’s not even supposed that your PC can have no issues. They will always show you that your PC is close to explode because of registry issues, unoptimized hardware and hundreds of viruses.

Of course, they are offering you to deal with all this problems for only $250. Till you haven’t paid, Restoro will block several of your programs, because, in it’s opinion, “they can be dangerous for your PC”, regardless if this programs were used earlier without any problems.

Once again, I really doubt that the detection reports by Restoro are reliable. I believe that the program rather offers some fake details. As an example, the image above verifies that Restoro recognizes some windows registry entries as medium seriousness, nevertheless, these entries are the part of important System Items. It is apparent that they will certainly not trigger any type of security problems in any way.

There is also one feature that makes me very suspicious to Restoro. This program is very hard to delete : there is no uninstallation files in the Restoro folder. If you try to delete it through the Control Panel, it will ask you to close the app first (even if you closed Restoro earlier). The Restoro process in Task Manager may be killed, but, nonetheless, it will back in several seconds.

The problem with many so-called computer system registry cleaners is that there is no any type of confirmation that repairing the reported troubles with their assistance will essentially improve the system performance. Along with that, Microsoft company has actually recently shown that particular registry cleaners rather cause a lot of “serious problems” while changing the registry, for that reason, it was suggested that the people do not use these pseudo optimization apps1.

Besides the registry editing, Restoro also promoted as a tool which can “Repair and rebuild Windows”. We are not sure about the real sense of this words, but it sounds like Restoro can implement own changes to Windows system files. And, like with it’s activity around registry, it can broke your system, causing inoperability of some Windows components or BSODs. But Restoro can fix this problem! for only 250$.

One more malicious action, that is usually done by Restoro, is so-called hardware scan. Like for software, Restoro scans all devices connected to your PC (both internal and external), chooses several of them, ant then showing you that this devices are dangerous. Of course, after that statement Restoro blocks this devices, and offering you to fix all issues for only 250$.

Instead of device blocking, Restoro can delete the driver, saying that it is outdated and vulnerable. Hence, your device may be connected, but your system wouldn’t recognize it.

Another Restoro feature that can be evidence of maliciousness of this program. There are a lot of mentions comments about cases, when Restoro was blocking activity or even launching of common programs, like Mozilla browser, or an old version of Photoshop. The main argument from Restoro is that these programs can be vulnerable for any type of virus injection, and it doesn’t matter that before Restoro PUP installation these programs were working like a swiss watch. The main thing is that to restore your program’s efficiency you need to delete Restoro from your PC or buy their license, which costs up to 250$.

Restoro can also counter-act your attempts of anti-malware software installation. Every time you will try to run a fresh-installed antivirus program, Restoro will block it launch, saying something like “this program can be harmful for your PC”. But, this time, it’s much easier to solve this problem : you need to add your anti-malware program to the whitelist.




Ultimately, this tool is detected by numerous reliable anti-virus scanners as a PUP. This is the valid reason for you not to trust the Restoro app, no matter how positively it might be described on its site.

Besides the declared functions, Restoro also has several functions than are more typical for trojans or backdoors. This program collects your data, like name, nickname, location, typical search queries, etc. The reason why Restoro developers need this data is unknown, but it looks like they may sell this information later.

It also can randomly block some of your software (for example, Photoshop, Illustrator or 3D Max), considering that “it can be vulnerable or malicious”. And that’s no matter for Restoro if you need this programs right now – you cannot run the “blocked” programs until the Restoro wouldn’t be deleted.

The only way to launch the program you need is to launch Windows safe mode with command prompt. This mode disables any software launch, including Restoro. Only proprietary programs will be started. Hence, nothing will block you an access to the software you need. Nonetheless, it’s better to delete Restoro as soon as possible.

Restoro….or Reimage?

As we have already checked, Restoro is likely PUP than useful software of any sort. Restoro actions can be a little useful, but the hazard that this program can carry is unknown, and potentially much bigger than that little benefits you can get from them. And for a big number of users who got Restoro on their PC his behavior and acting methods at all was likely the same, as Reimage actions, another PUP that wants to be antimalware.

But not only ordinary users are saying this. A lot of antimalware analysts saw a lot of common things between Restoro and Reimage. At first, as mentioned, it’s behavior after installation is likely the same as Reimage’s – it launches without your guidance, then forcing user to start the scan. After the scan, it will surely show you that your PC is suffering from dozens of threats and vulnerabilities, the same as Reimage. Of course, all of these threats are false positive, but, nonetheless, Restoro will block some often-used apps, saying that they’re vulnerable to malware injection or so, copying Reimage style, again. And, after all, this program will ask you for payment to “solve all problems”. The last (but not the least) – Restoro’s traces in the Windows registry are likely the same as Reimage done. And that’s not all.

“Cleaning” lawsuits

Another proof that shows us Reimage and Restoro unity is its policy about companies or Internet pages who show true information about Restoro. Several years ago, when Reimage was active, their developers were literally spamming courts with lawsuits against sites, where Reimage was been shown as PUP (that is to say truth). Nowadays, Restoro is doing the same aggressive campaign, trying to clear their corporate name. Every site, that posted any information saying that Restoro is a PUP, and have any data about its physical owner, will get a lawsuit. And the last proof is located on their own site – “Powered by Reimage Patented Technology“.

So, what can we see, if we solve this mosaic? The saying goes, that what looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacking like a duck – it is likely a duck. And what is having the same habits as Reimage, trying to clean its name the same rough as Reimage has done, and distributing it’s products the same as Reimage – it’s likely a Reimage, but with a changed name. Why they’ve changed it? That’s a rhetorical question.

Restoro Technical Summary.

Name Restoro
Vendor Restoro
Type Potentially Unwanted Program
Detection Name PUP.Optional.Restoro
Short Description Potentially Unwanted Program. Developed by Restoro and targeted at Windows OS.
Distribution Method Adware Bundles, Smpam, Scam Pages
Files RestoroProtection.exe

Typical networks for Restoro infiltration.

There is a possibility to download and install Restoro directly from its official websites, however, I actually doubt that this will certainly be your choice. Frequently, the application is spread out through intrusive ads generated by some adware, or through packing with other free programs, whereas the information concerning the extra software is commonly not totally disclosed. That is the first reason why I don’t recomend you to use this software – really good and useful program wouldn’t been distributed in such way

UPD. 12.06.2020. The massive Restoro advertising campaign started this week. You can see this ads on the several anti-malware forums and AV-vendor sites, and the pecularity is that literally all ads on these pages contain Restoro advertisement.

You can also see the Reimage advetiserments on mentioned sites, made in the same style that Restoro has. That can be another sign that Restoro and Reimage is literally the same thing, but in different shell.

UPD. 18.06.2020. Due to the reports we got, a lot of Restoro installators were been distributed as “additional software” to cracked software or freeware. The source of “basic” software was random – this programs were got on torrent-trackers, different sites a.k.a. “online software warehouse” or even official sites of freeware developers.

Hence, it is obligatory that you completely take a look at the EULA as well as setup milestones during the setup steps of any kind of free program downloaded and install on the web. It can also help you to avoid some kind of adware or browser hijackers injection.

If you have a choice to choose the “Advanced” or “Custom” installation then make sure you use this option to avoid unauthorized setups.

The last caution may help you to avoid a lot of other malware injection, besides the Restoro. But the best way to forget about such problems is to use proofed sources for all software you are downloading (if that is shareware or freeware), or to use licensed version instead of cracked.

Try also to avoid downloading any files from peering networks. They are one of the most massive source not only for cracked games and other software, but also different malware, including potentially unwanted programs. And the game/software crackers may add any “additional and recommended software” they want, but usually depending on how much were they been paid by malware developers.

In case the license agreement or the setup wizard shows that some toolbar or other adware is recommended, it is very important that you immediately cancel the entire installation to keep your Windows safe.

If you are the frequent visitor of different anti-malware forums, you may remember the users who are offering their help with malware removal. According the information we have, there are several users who were offering this help and then advertised Restoro heavily. If the victim applied, this “helper” will install Restoro on the PC and then push an idea to purchase the full version of this PUP.

The idea to trust such helpers is not good at all. Nobody can warrant their intensions, nobody can be sure about their competence. And, if something goes wrong and your system or even your PC is damaged, this user will not take any responcibility.

But sometimes any variants of installation are absent, hence you are not able to disable Restoro installation or some other potentially unwanted programs. In such cases, there is usually a fine print sentence on the site where you downloaded the file, telling about binding installation of the bundle of different “offered software” (i.e. adware and PUPs, like Restoro). Be as attentive as you can when using untrusted sites.

Despite the fact that Restoro may be efficient in fixing some bugs, taking into consideration the truth that it marks some items that I believe are safe and then instructs you to make a payment to remove them.

I would rather not advise you to use Restoro PUP.

If you are confident that this is not a utility you want on your PC, feel free to refer to the elimination guide given below to remove it at free whatsoever.

Once again, let me assume why Restoro is rather harmful software then useful. No good and useful software will have such an agressive advetiserment, and no really effective anti-malware software will show you a false positive result in order to proof it’s own efficiency. And the last (but not the least) – the really wanted app wouldn’t be so hard to delete.

How to remove Restoro ?

Unwanted application has ofter come with other viruses and spyware. This threats can steal account credentials, or crypt your documents for ransom.
Reasons why I would recommend GridinSoft2

There is no better way to recognize, remove and prevent PC threats than to use an anti-malware software from GridinSoft3.

Download GridinSoft Anti-Malware.

You can download GridinSoft Anti-Malware by clicking the button below:

Run the setup file.

When the setup file has finished downloading, double-click on the setup-antimalware-fix.exe file to install GridinSoft Anti-Malware on your system.

Run Setup.exe

An User Account Control asking you about to allow GridinSoft Anti-Malware to make changes to your device. So, you should click “Yes” to continue with the installation.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware Setup

Press “Install” button.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware Install

Once installed, Anti-Malware will automatically run.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware Splash-Screen

Wait for the Anti-Malware scan to complete.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware will automatically start scanning your system for Restoro files and other malicious programs. This process can take a 20-30 minutes, so I suggest you periodically check on the status of the scan process.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware Scanning

Click on “Clean Now”.

When the scan has finished, you will see the list of infections that GridinSoft Anti-Malware has detected. To remove them click on the “Clean Now” button in the right corner.

GridinSoft Anti-Malware Scan Result

Are Your Protected?

GridinSoft Anti-Malware will scan and clean your PC for free in the trial period. The free version offer real-time protection for first 2 days. If you want to be fully protected at all times – I can recommended you to purchase a full version:

Full version of GridinSoft

Full version of GridinSoft Anti-Malware

If the guide doesn’t help you to remove Restoro you can always ask me in the comments for getting help.

How to remove RESTORO?


Description: Restoro is a unwanted program, likewise reduced as a PUP or PUA. Its creators declare that the app checks system for viruses finds solutions to Boost System Efficiency, discloses System Software Related problems, and optimizes Startup/Uninstall as well as User Items. As quickly as the scanning by Restoro is finished, a detailed report is provided concerning the number of exposed issues. Nevertheless, the application says that the licensed version requires to be acquired in order to get the problems resolved. I feel that many problems recognized by this tool are just developed and do not stand for any problems at all.

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: PUA

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