About Trojan CoinMiner

Trojan CoinMiner is a malware designed to mine cryptocurrencies without the user’s knowledge or consent. It typically infects a computer through a malicious link, a spam email attachment, or a software vulnerability. Once installed on a system, Trojan CoinMiner uses the computer’s processing power to mine cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Monero, and sends the generated coins to the attacker’s wallet.

This type of malware can cause significant damage to a computer’s performance and increase the energy consumption and electricity bills of the infected device. It is important to have up-to-date antivirus software and to be cautious when opening emails or downloading software from untrusted sources to avoid getting infected by Trojan CoinMiner.

What is Trojan Miner?

A trojan miner is a malicious program that uses the resources of an infected computer to extract (mine) cryptocurrency.

Mining software can be broadly divided into legal and illegal. In the first case, they are freely and openly distributed. The user can install them independently if he is interested in cryptocurrency transactions. In other cases, the miner is created precisely as a malicious program that operates stealthily without the user’s knowledge.

The objects of malicious activity can be any device you can create third-party applications: computers, tablets, smartphones. Unauthorized mining is often carried out in botnets, and as practice shows, zombie networks are created from almost anything. The only condition is the availability of computing resources: on the Internet of Things devices, for example, mining is futile.

How Trojan CoinMiner can infect my PC?

The main source of the threat of miner viruses is Trojans – or, more precisely, one of their specific varieties designed to download and install other infections. Malicious agents such as Trojan Downloader or Trojan Dropper inject the miner into the infected system and ensure that it starts automatically.

Is it dangerous?

An ordinary home user or an organization employee can become a victim of unauthorized mining. Corporate users are even more attractive to an attacker because it is difficult to notice some symptoms on a company scale, such as increased electricity consumption. The miner loads the device’s computing resources can lead to overheating of components and their premature failure.