Top Maine Lobster Scam on Facebook

What is Top Maine Lobster Scam?
Seafood lovers tensed up
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Another Facebook scam scheme has surfaced, targeting unsuspecting users. It promises seafood and entices customers with unbeatable offers. offers Top Maine Lobster at unrealistically low prices, but no customer has ever tried their products3 .

What is Top Maine Lobster Scam?

The Top Maine Lobster Scam is another addition to the growing list of online scams. This fraudulent scheme is based on seafood sales, mainly Maine lobsters, as its name suggests. Scammers have taken to Facebook to advertise enticing deals on frozen Maine lobsters and colossal Alaskan king crab legs, creating the illusion of extraordinary bargains. However, Topmainelobster[.]com is a scam website that takes money and returns nothing. Many individuals have shared their unfortunate experiences on social media, detailing how they placed orders but never received the promised seafood products. screenshot Scam

Methods of Propagation

This scheme includes at least two Facebook pages under “Top Maine Lobster,” both scams. These pages share several alarming characteristics, including the absence of posts and using the same profile picture. The transparency of these pages suggests their youth and lack of the historical data and credibility one would expect from legitimate businesses. The scammers behind this operation employ multiple iterations of fraudulent pages to deceive and confuse potential victims. In addition, scammers have been actively running deceptive ads on Facebook, targeting seafood enthusiasts with the promise of unbelievable deals on frozen sea products. Their advertisements boast the sale of Maine lobsters and Giant Alaskan king crab legs at meager prices.

Top Maine lobster group 

Top Maine lobster group

The prevalence of scams on Meta Inc.’s social media platforms has reached an alarming level despite the company’s claims to combat the issue. For example, Instagram has been flooded with ads for websites offering valuable products at discounts ranging from 30% to 70%. However, in many cases, these products are poor-quality copies sourced from platforms like Aliexpress. There have even been instances where victims received boxes filled with worthless items. What was initially meant to be an opportunity for emerging crafters to promote their products has now become synonymous with scams over time.

Fake Facebook ad screenshot

Fake Facebook ad

Why Is Top Maine Lobster a Scam?

According to the ScamAdviser, an anti-scam website, Topmainelobster[.]com has a Trust score of 1 out of 100. Obviously, the dismal rating underscores the fraudulent nature of the website. The lack of trustworthiness warns potential customers to steer clear of this online platform to evade falling victim to this lobster scam. Furthermore, the website’s registration date reveals that it was created on October 25, 2023. We have a detailed breakdown of this site.

Scamadviser screenshot

1/100 Trust score.

The website’s recent registration date raises suspicions, as legitimate and reliable online businesses generally boast a more extended history and established online presence. The website’s youth also aligns with the behavior of many fraudulent online platforms. Such platforms appear suddenly, deceive customers, and then vanish rapidly, leaving customers without purchases or refunds.

How to Avoid Shopping Scams

Regrettably, the Top Maine Lobster Scam is not an isolated case but a trend. So, to protect yourself from scams of this nature, it is imperative to conduct thorough research before making any online purchases. Investigate the website, read independent reviews, and utilize specialized services to check the site’s rating. Consider using link scanners to gain insights into the website’s legitimacy. While the Top Maine Lobster Scam is a stark reminder of the prevalence of online fraud, staying informed about the signs of a scam is your best defense. With awareness comes the ability to recognize and avoid these fraudulent schemes.

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