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Mr Beast Giveaway, Mr Beast Giveaway scam
Written by Daniel Zimmerman
Mr.Beast, a well-known YouTuber acclaimed for his philanthropic endeavors, has recently become the subject of a new scam that is actively victimizing individuals across multiple platforms. Referred to as the Mr.Beast giveaway scam, this scheme entices people with the prospect of cash prizes in exchange for following a set of instructions. However, it is important to note that this scam is actually a phishing scheme devised to acquire personal information.

As a result of this fraudulent activity, numerous individuals are now questioning the legitimacy of Mr.Beast giveaway scam. Although Mr.Beast has a well-established reputation for his generous giveaways, it is imperative to exercise caution and maintain a state of vigilance to safeguard oneself against potential scams that capitalize on his name and reputation.

Daniel Zimmerman
Daniel Zimmerman
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How the Mr.Beast Giveaway Scam Operates

The Mr.Beast Giveaway scam is an intrusive pop-up scam that utilizes the name and likeness of Mr.Beast, a popular philanthropist and YouTuber, in order to deceive individuals into divulging their personal information. Scammers create fake social media ads, emails, or text messages that promise substantial sums of money to those who comply with a set of instructions. However, it is important to note that Mr.Beast himself has no involvement in this scam whatsoever.

The Mr.Beast Giveaway scam is commonly disseminated through counterfeit social media ads found on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. These ads skillfully mimic legitimate promotions initiated by Mr. Beast. It uses his name and image to create credibility and earn the trust of potential victims.

NameMr.Beast Giveaway Scam
TypeSocial Engineering Scam
Fake ClaimsThis scam offers a chance to win large amounts of money or prizes by following a set of instructions.
Scammers’ WebsitesThe websites associated with Mr.Beast scam are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
DistributionThis scam is distributed through social media platforms, phishing emails, and search engine results.
SymptomsThe following symptoms may indicate the presence of the scam: pop-up advertisements in the bottom right corner of the screen, unexpected changes in browser settings, pop-ups loaded without your request, and a situation where the speed test shows good results but the internet is slow.
DamageThe scam can result in financial loss and stolen personal information.
Indicators of the Scam several indicators can help identify this scam: 1) Promises of guaranteed winnings; 2) Requests for personal information or money; 3) Poor grammar and spelling in the instructions.
Prevention TipsTo avoid falling victim to this scam, it is important to follow these prevention tips: 1) Do not provide personal information or money to enter giveaways; 2) Verify the legitimacy of the source and check for blue verification badges on social media.
Reporting InfoIf you encounter suspicious activity related to this scam, report it to the relevant platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

These ads typically feature attention-grabbing headlines, guaranteeing large cash prizes or other rewards in exchange for following a specific set of instructions. For instance, an ad might state something like “Discover How to Receive $25 for Free (Not Clickbait)” or “I AM BESTOWING $500 UPON EACH VIEWER WHO WATCHES THIS!” or “I’m Granting $10,000 to My Subscribers! Follow These Steps to Claim Your Share!” or “Claim Your $100 Prize Now! Free Money Awaits!”.

The Mr.Beast Giveaway is another example of an online scam aiming to obtain personal information. Unlike other similar pseudo-giveaways (such as the Amazon $1000 gift card giveaway), this scam claims that you will receive your prize after installing a certain application. The fraudsters behind this scheme mimic the activities of Mr.Beast, a YouTuber with a large audience.



Mr.Beast Giveaway

Main page of Mr.Beast Giveaway scam

Example "GIFT CARDS GIVEAWAY" - Scam Site

Example “GIFT CARDS GIVEAWAY” – Scam Site

Mr.Beats himself has no relation to this fraud. However, the crooks behind the scam are using his name as a disguise because people are likelier to trust offers from well-known personalities. This tactic was also used in the Dogecoin giveaways scam that falsely claimed Elon Musk was offering giveaways. While Mr.Beast’s giveaway is not as massive and damaging to your wallet, it is still effective.

Example "GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY EXPIRE IN ..." - Scam Site


To participate in the giveaway, the scammers ask you to install the “sponsors’” applications and provide the email address linked to your PayPal wallet. However, you will not receive any prize and will end up with untrustworthy apps installed on your computer. Moreover, your PayPal wallet email is compromised.

How dangerous is this scam?

The main danger lies in the presence of adware that generates the fraudulent “Mr.Beast Giveaway” page. Adware is a virus that displays unwanted banners on your computer regardless of what you are doing. This behavior can significantly decrease your PC’s performance, especially if your system is weak. Moreover, the adware may display banners with malicious links, leading to additional virus infections if clicked.

Clicking on suspicious advertisements or links can trigger the appearance of a fraudulent page, typically caused by adware. However, if the page appears without clicking any links or banners, it is generated by adware.

A Mr.Beast Giveaway Scam Text:


To every Subscriber
who visits this page!
Thank you for following us.
$1,000 has now been reserved for you

Step 1: Click the “CLAIM REWARD” button below

Step 2: Download sponsor applications on the next page and follow the instructions on the page

Step 3: After you download all applications, enter PayPal E-Mail on the next page and receive money in a few minutes!

Monday, January 16, 2023

We will stop accepting new visitors in
26:03 minutes!

Mr Beast is an American YouTuber,
Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. He has been credited with pioneering a genre of YouTube videos on amazing stunts.

Total Views: Over 13+ billion
Total Subscribers: 100+ million


Besides the adware risks, there is also a risk related to the application you install “to get a prize”, as well as with sharing your PayPal email address. Unknown app installed from a dubious website, carries some sort of danger. It may be a potentially unwanted program or even a full-size virus. Coin mining trojans, for example, are often spread through such a scheme.

Addressing the email linked to your PayPal wallet is also a danger – fraudsters can try to brute force your password or to get your credentials through various phishing ways. They already do it with scary email messages stating about debt settlements or some changes in Standard Bank service terms. Check it out to learn how to avoid being fooled!

How did I get adware on my computer?

Adware does not simply appear out of nowhere. It typically enters your system when you click on a malicious link or download a program that contains the virus. This virus can mimic a browser plugin, such as an offer to change the appearance of your Chrome browser. While there is nothing inherently bad about these plugins, you should exercise caution when selecting them, as there is a high risk of downloading malware instead of the desired plugin.

Screenshot Tool and Editor virus plugin in Chrome

The malicious broser plugin example

You can encounter malicious advertisements on the web anywhere, but usually, it concentrates on websites with no profitable activity. Maintainers of these sites usually take the advertising contracts from anybody, regardless of their benevolence. Of course, some of these banners may contain a redirect to a strange online game, for example. But it is better to avoid clicking it at all than to toss a coin each time you do this.

Immediate Actions to Take If You’ve Been Victimized by the Mr Beast Giveaway Scam

If you find yourself as a victim of the Mr Beast Giveaway Scam, it is crucial to take swift action to mitigate any potential harm. This scam can result in the installation of malicious software or extensions on your computer, as well as the compromise of your PayPal account information. In the following section, we will outline the steps you should take if you fall prey to the Mr Beast Giveaway Scam. These steps include removing any harmful software or extensions, safeguarding your personal information, and reporting the scam to the relevant authorities.

How to remove malware from my computer?

Removing the adware is relatively easy since it does not make many changes in your system. However, manual removal is still less effective than antivirus programs. Figuring out which app is adware and the removal process may take hours. It is better to use anti-malware software – to make it easier and faster.

Microsoft Defender, which looks like a perfect tool, may struggle to remove adware. This type of virus is easily modifiable, making it difficult for antivirus engines to detect. Updating the Defender is not very fast – it usually needs rebooting your PC. GridinSoft Anti-Malware has no problem since you can update it anytime. Moreover, malware analysts collect and add new variants of adware every hour, so the virus will not hide.

Removing the viruses with GridinSoft Anti-Malware

Download and install the GridinSoft Anti-Malware by the button above. This program can be used on 100% of its abilities during the 6-day free trial. A free trial activation code will be sent to your email.

Launch the Standard scan after the free trial activation. It will check each folder on your system disk and also check out all popular places of adware activity – registry, Task Scheduler, and Startup.

Mr.Beast Giveaway scam in the scan process

When the scan is finished, press “Apply” to wipe out all viruses and forget about the obtrusive “Mr.Beast Giveaway” page.

Mr.Beast Giveaway in the scan results

FAQ “Mr.Beast Giveaway Scam”

What is the Mr.Beast Giveaway Scam?

The Mr.Beast Giveaway Scam is a fraudulent scheme that impersonates popular YouTuber Mr.Beast and promises cash prizes or other rewards in exchange for following specific instructions. However, it is a phishing scam aimed at collecting personal information from unsuspecting victims.

Is Mr.Beast involved in the scam?

No, Mr.Beast is not associated with the Mr.Beast Giveaway Scam in any way. The scammers are using his name and reputation without his consent to deceive people and harvest their personal information.

How can I spot a fake Mr.Beast giveaway?

  • The offer seems too good to be true, promising exorbitant amounts of money or prizes for minimal effort.
  • The communication comes from unofficial social media accounts, emails, or text messages, rather than verified channels associated with Mr.Beast.
  • The instructions require you to provide personal information, such as your Social Security number, bank account details, or passwords.
  • There are spelling or grammatical errors in the communication, indicating a lack of professionalism.
  • The URL or website associated with the giveaway does not match Mr.Beast’s official website or has suspicious elements in the domain.

Be Alert for Fake Mr Beast Giveaways

The Mr Beast Giveaway scam revolves around deceptive tactics employed by scammers on social media platforms, particularly YouTube, to deceive unsuspecting individuals into divulging personal information or downloading malicious software, all in the name of a chance to win a substantial cash prize. This fraudulent scheme operates by creating counterfeit social media accounts or channels that mimic Mr Beast or his team, enticing users with an enticing but deceitful giveaway.

To steer clear of this scam, it is of utmost importance to remain vigilant and recognize warning signs such as unverified accounts, suspicious hyperlinks, and solicitation of personal details or payments. Additionally, promptly reporting any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities is crucial in preventing the victimization of other users. By combining awareness, caution, and watchfulness, you can safeguard yourself against falling victim to this scam and similar fraudulent schemes.

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Mr.Beast Giveaway – what is this page?
Mr.Beast Giveaway – what is this page?
Mr.Beast Giveaway is an example of an online scam that forces you to install unwanted applications. It says that you will get a $1000 reward for this action, disguising the giveaway of a really existing YouTube streamer Mr.Beast.

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