How to decrypt DJVU Ransomware files? STOPDecrypter

Written by Brendan Smith

Virus researcher Michael Gillespie (USA) managed to create his decoder for some versions and variants of DJVU ransomware family.

It work when the DJVU virus used an offline key for encryption.

You can download free decryption tool here: STOPDecrypter. This tool includes a BruteForcer just for variants which use XOR encryption, a simple symmetric cipher that is relatively easy to break. The decrypter tool requires victims to provide an encrypted and original file pair greater than 150KB.

Download STOPDecrypter tool

Download STOPDecrypter

Extract STOPDecrypter tool to your Desktop folder

Unzip file to Desktop

Run STOPDecrypter tool

Run STOPDecrypter

Remember: STOPDecrypter should be run as an Administrator from the Desktop.

Select your folder and press “Decrypt” button

STOPDecrypter select folder

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