Hackers laundered money through Twitch: at least $10 million in total

Hackers laundered money via Twitch
Written by Emma Davis

Studying the data published by hackers after the recent compromise of Twitch, journalists discovered a scheme according to which cybercriminals laundered money through the service. In fact, at least $10 million passed through it. The funds were laundered through Turkish streamers in the form of donations.

In October 2021, 4chan posted a link to a torrent file containing nearly 130 GB of Twitch data. Unknown hackers made the platform’s source codes and business data available to the public.

Twitch has confirmed the hack and stated that the leak was due to a server configuration change. It was emphasized that neither user passwords nor their bank card numbers were damaged as a result of the incident. But the data on the income of streamers became public.

As journalists from MEE and Gamegar have now reported, Twitch data related to the Turkish market seemed strange to them: they noticed that large donations are sometimes made in small amounts, breaking up into many small payments. Basically, Bits, platform’s own currency, uses such schemes.

Twitch is donating one percent of Bit revenue to individual streamers. Some of them have been found to earn up to $ 1,800 a day, even though they only have 40 to 50 viewers. Under this scheme, hackers would first kidnap or otherwise obtain credit card information from random people and then make deals with Twitch streamers to send them large cash payments via Bit. [After receiving such donations], the streamers returned 80% of the money received to various bank accounts owned by the hackers, effectively laundering the money. Over the past two years, $ 9.8 million were laundered through 2,400 Turkish streamers.the researchers said.

Rumors of this scheme have been circulating for a long time, but the details became known recently when Turkish streamer Grimnax shared screenshots from Discord showing hackers inviting him to take part in their scam.

Another well-known Turkish streamer, Jahrein, with over 1.7 million subscribers, is also trying to raise awareness of the issue. He recently met with politicians who are now calling on the Turkish parliament and regulators to take a closer look at the scandal.

Let me also remind you that we talked about the fact that EU intelligence services detected one of the group members near Antalya, Turkey – resting on the rented yacht with his spouse.

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