A Cumulative Update For Windows 10 Causes A Failure In The Notification System

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Written by Brendan Smith

The cumulative update KB4507453 for Windows 10, released by Microsoft on July 9th, causes a loop of restart notifications.

Complaints about the problem began to appear on various sites and forums. All users report the same thing – a notification appears on the screen about the need to restart the computer to complete the installation of KB4507453, and it appears even after the update has already been installed.

“This looks as if the update is being installed, but this installation cannot be completed successfully. Something is stuck”, — Windows 10 user complains on the Win Future website.

Despite numerous complaints from users of Windows 10 (version 1903) and Windows Server (version 1903), Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed the problem.

According to security researcher Günter Born, the bug does not affect all computers running Windows 10 (version 1903) with the KB4507453 update installed.

“Seems that it was a problem located within the Notification Center. But I have no clue, what is causing that on some machines, whilst the other doesn’t have that issue. Maybe a third part antivirus software has an influence”, — reports Günter Born.

The accompanying update documentation does not indicate any changes in the notification system that could cause a crash.

Born offers two solutions to the problem.

  • The first is to click on “Restart Now” in the notification dialog, rather than restart from the start menu.
  • The second is to go to Windows Update and start the process of searching for available updates again. This will help the system to “see” that there are no new updates, and notifications should disappear.

As previously reported, Updates for Windows Defender caused a crash in the repairing damaged files function.

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