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The ground of the activities of contemporary companies of any size is the private data of various kinds, hence, the safety of corporate information is crucial for the success of its operation.

The main and already well-established solutions to defend the database in the corporate network are the introduction of reliable passwords, the presence of backups, the safe application of programs, implementation of system updates, and amending default parameters. Furthermore, a crucial role belongs to the defense of databases while maintaining the safety of the corporate network. Due to the fact that the data they contain is essentially valuable to organizations and attractive to attackers, databases need advanced attention and extra defense.

These are certain general recommendations for defending databases:

1. Managing the access to the database. Restrictions on permissions and privileges will assist in preventing cybercriminal attacks. Apart from the general system permissions, you have to apply:

  • Restrictions on access to private information for some customers and the measures that can make requests associated with the private data.
  • Restrictions on the application of general procedures only by some clients.
  • Preventing the application and access of databases beyond business hours.


Furthermore, in order to avoid malicious attacks, IT experts suggest deactivating all services and procedures that are not currently active. Plus, the database has to be stored on a server that is not directly reachable over the Internet, in order to avoid remote access of attackers to corporate data.

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2. Establishing critical information. The primary step is to perform the analysis of the importance of defending certain data. To make it simpler to establish where and how exactly to store private information, you ought to realize the logic and structure of the database. Not all information is critical or has to be defended, so there is no reason to waste time and resources on it.

IT technicians also advise implementing an inventory of the organization’s databases, specifically taking into consideration all structural subdivisions. A working solution to avoid data loss can be to commit all copies and databases of the organization. Inventory is crucially essential while backing up data to account for all crucial information.

3. Encrypting1 the data. Upon establishing the critical information, you need to implement powerful encryption algorithms for sensitive data. While exploiting a vulnerability or connecting to a server or system, attackers will first attempt to steal databases, which normally store a lot of important data. The best solution to defend a database is in encrypting it for individuals who attempt to get it without authorization.

Defend Database - Encrypting data

4. Providing anonymity for unproductive databases. A lot of organizations invest time and effort to defend their performance databases, however, while elaborating a project or generating a test environment, they just make a copy of the initial database and begin using it under the condition of less strict controls, thus disclosing all private data.

Through the application of masking and anonymization, you can generate an almost identical version with the same architecture as the initial one, but with amended private information to defend it. With this approach, the values get amended while the format is saved. Information can be amended through the mixture, encryption, rearrangement of characters, or replacement of words. The exact measures, rules, and formats are grounded on the administrator’s preferences, however, irrespective of the choice, the solution should make sure that it is not feasible to obtain the initial information by means of reverse engineering.

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This solution is suggested for databases that are components of the test and development environment, due to the fact that it helps you introduce a logical data structure, making sure that you do not have access to secret data beyond the production environment.

defend database - monitoring-database-activity

5. Monitoring the database activity2. Implementing inspection and tracking actions inside a database imply establishing what exact information was processed, the time and the manner of processing, as well as identifying the person who processed it. Understanding the complete transaction history lets you get the patterns of data access and amendments, and thus assists you in preventing data leakages, monitoring dangerous amendments, and identifying suspicious activity in real-time.

Robert Bailey
Robert Bailey
IT Security Expert

It is better to prevent, than repair and repent!

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The ground of the activities of contemporary companies of any size is the private data of various kinds, thus the safety of corporate data is crucial for the success of the company’s well-being.

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Defend Your Database: Guide
Defend Your Database: Guide
The main and already well-established solutions to defend the database in the corporate network are the introduction of reliable passwords, ...

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