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Avaddon ransomware encrypts user data with AES-256 + RSA-2048 and then demands a $150 to $350 or more in BTC to get the files back.

Avaddon ransomware threatens to publish the stolen data to increase the victim’s pressure (hence the additional name – publisher). As it is known from other Ransomware, ransomware operators start stealing data even before encrypting files. Such actions of extortionists were reported in the media.

Since January 2021, the ransomware behind this ransomware has been using DDoS attacks to force the victim to contact them and negotiate a ransom.

INFERNO Ransomware (.avdn Files) — How to remove virus?

The Inferno virus belongs to the Avaddon ransomware family. This ransomware encrypts all user’s data on the PC (photos, documents, excel tables, music, videos, etc), adds its specific extension to every file, and creates the 210201-readme.html files in every folder which contains encrypted files. Inferno Virus ☝️ Inferno can be correctly identify as a Avaddon ransomware-type infection. Inferno adds its specific “.avdn” extension to the name of every file. For example, your photo named as “my_photo.jpeg” will be transformed into “my_photo.jpeg.avdn“...


What is Win32/Filecoder.Avaddon.E infection? In this article you will certainly discover concerning the definition of Win32/Filecoder.Avaddon.E and its adverse influence on your computer. Such ransomware are a form of malware that is specified by on the internet frauds to require paying the ransom by a target. Most of the cases, Win32/Filecoder.Avaddon.E virus will certainly advise its sufferers to launch funds move for the function of counteracting the changes that the Trojan infection has presented to the target’s gadget. Win32/Filecoder.Avaddon.E Summary These adjustments can be as...